Application for Enrolment

An Application for Enrolment form may be submitted at any time. The application is not binding, and enables your son or daughter’s name to be placed on the waiting list for the appropriate year and level.

No place is guaranteed until after interview and a Letter of Offer received by you and the Terms of Business and Student Entry Fee returned to the School. The application form must be accompanied by a payment of $100.00.

Student Entry Fee

A Student Entry Fee is payable prior to the commencement of each child at Woodleigh School. No place is considered reserved until the non-refundable Student Entry Fee is paid.

Early Learning Centre Holding Fee

Students commencing in 2024 onwards in the Penbank or Minimbah early childhood centres will be required to pay a non-refundable holding fee of $2,000. The fee is to be paid at the time a signed enrolment agreement is submitted. This nonrefundable holding fee will be deducted from the first billing in the student’s Foundation year. In the event that the student does not proceed to Foundation, the fee will not be refunded.

Woodleigh School Fees for 2024 – Effective from Term 1, 2024


Consolidated Levy

The Consolidated levy incorporates costs such as camps (except the new 2023 Minimbah Year 6 Bali camp which will be charged to fee accounts separately) school transport to excursions, sporting events and other off campus activities; provision of a laptop/iPad and associated IT software and support, subject levies and materials and other programs supporting the development of our students.

Building Levy

A Building Levy of $695.00 per family will be charged in four (4) equal instalments.

Sibling Discount

A reduction of 5% is given on Tuition Fees for the second child, 25% for the third child and 50% for the fourth and subsequent children who are attending the School at the same time.

Late Fees and Overdue Accounts

Fees not paid by the payment due date noted on each statement will incur a late fee of $175 for every 30 days the account remains in arrears. The School appreciates families can, at times, experience financial challenges and it is the School’s preference to partner with our families to work through this together. In any instance where School Fees are overdue and a suitable arrangement cannot be agreed upon with Woodleigh School, then the School may withdraw or revoke a student’s enrolment and take legal action to recover outstanding fees.

Students commencing during term

Students commencing during term will be charged on a pro-rata basis for tuition only. The Consolidated Charge and Building Levy will be charged at the full term rate.

School Books

Students at Woodleigh School will be expected to purchase some of their basic textbooks and all of their stationery requirements. A booklist from the School’s official book supplier is published at the end of each school year. From 2023, subject levies are included within the Consolidated Levy and not included on the book lists. For some subjects that require additional materials or costs these will be charged to the fee account separately.

Woodleigh Alumni

A one-off charge of $250 will be charged to the Year 12 Term 2 fee account for life membership to the Woodleigh Alumni. 

Music Tuition

Music for Years 5–8 involves an Instrumental Program in conjunction with a Classroom Music Program. Outside of Years 5 to 8, charges for hire and use of instruments will be $59 per term. These charges cover depreciation and maintenance. Where students provide their own instruments there will be no instrumental charge.

In addition to compulsory Music education classes and ensemble playing as part of the normal weekly school timetable, we can offer private tuition in the following:

  • Piano A piano should be available at home for practice.
  • Guitar All styles.
  • Percussion Tuned and untuned percussion including Drum Kit.
  • Strings Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.
  • Woodwind Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone.
  • Brass Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba.
  • Voice Contemporary or classical style.
  • Voice For public speaking and acting.
  • Theory/Aural skills General skills and/or exam preparation.

Instrumental lessons are charged a full term in advance.
Instrumental lessons can commence throughout term at any time. If commencing mid-term, the first term’s fees are charged in arrears.

Withdrawal From Lessons

If a student is not going to continue individual music lessons, notification of discontinuation must be provided in writing to the Music Administrator at by the end of the fifth week of that term. A reminder will be sent each term asking for notification should you wish to discontinue lessons. If we do not receive notification in the given timeframe, lessons will be expected to continue and will be charged until the end of the following term.

Parents will be billed on their fee account each term.

Students will be charged for missed lessons unless 24 hours notice of absence is given.