Experience is a Powerful Teacher

We know that students learn best when they are actively engaged. We know too that they are most engaged when learning is real, active and purposeful.


At Woodleigh, all students are experiential learners. They learn by investigating problems that have real significance and purpose to our community. Theory is complemented by practical, hands-on workshops, sessions and activities where students are able to achieve deep and lasting understanding.

Strong academic success is achieved through experiential learning, helping students to genuinely and deeply understand what they are learning, in contexts that are personally relevant to them.

In the primary years, a full range of co-curricular options, together with Woodleigh’s renowned outdoor-learning programs, allow students to experience learning in real and practical settings. Learning happens everywhere, both in and outside of the classroom, on camps and excursions, in books, on court and online. The world is one giant classroom.

Students arrive at Woodleigh Campus in Year 7, ready for the next phase in their learning careers. Core studies in Maths, Science, English and Humanities are flanked by classes in the Visual and Performing Arts, Health, PE and also by Woodleigh’s unique Activities Program.

Woodleigh School's Activities Program is uniquely designed to provide students in Years 7-11 with a broad range of challenging experiences beyond the core academic curriculum.

For three lessons a week, students participate in an Activity they have selected from a huge range of options.

‘Activities’ is active learning – vivid experiences, not just information gathering. It allows students to access learning opportunities, especially hands-on style learning, in a much wider range than could be provided in programs with normal class sizes and restrictions. Experiences vary from snorkeling and open water diving certifications, yoga and self-defence classes, aviation, painting and sculpture, academic competitions, animal husbandry and construction projects.

‘Activities’ gives students choice in their studies, well before the traditional start of elective studies. At Woodleigh we understand that experience is one of our most powerful teachers, yet, in our increasingly digitised world, direct experience is getting harder and harder to come by. Programs like Activities and Woodleigh’s unique Camps program provide the time and space for students to learn through experience, resulting in learning outcomes which are more engaging, real and relevant.

By offering a breadth of experiences, Woodleigh students grow and develop the capacity to solve problems, adapt to new and changing environments and invent solutions to solve the unknown challenges of the future.

Diverse areas, such as Academic Enrichment, the Visual & Performing Arts, Sport & Physical Development, Health, Lifestyle and Practical Skills, Information & Communication Technology and Community & School Partnerships are all represented in each Activities Unit.

The Woodleigh School Activities Program is a place where passions are born. It is adventures and fun, grit and determination, centred and calm.