2022 Valedictory

Staff and families celebrated the efforts, contributions, and achievements of the Woodleigh class of 2022 in a fitting farewell Valedictory Dinner at Frankston Arts Centre last Friday night.

Success looks different for each and every student, and we celebrate every one of their journeys as they negotiate their path beyond school and into the world. Whether they have plans to pursue further study or are following their chosen career path, we are exceedingly proud of them all and wish them every good wish for life beyond Year 12.

Here are the 2022 Woodleigh Faculty Prize Winners for academic excellence, from left to right:

  • Bridget Richards - English and Science
  • Nikki Sartori - Humanities
  • Tealia Holmes - Personal Development
  • Callum Lee-Smith - LOTE
  • Chloe Rosengrave - Design
  • Ben Black - Mathematics
  • and Milan Castan - Arts

Meet our 2022 Principal's Award winners, young people who have consistently given so much to the culture and life of Woodleigh School.
Here they are, from left to right:

  • Bridget Richards
  • Pippin Seagren Hughes
  • Cara Eades
  • Louisa Burton
  • Jacomo Dwyer-Morris
  • Nikki Sartori
  • Rupert O'Neill
  • Charlotte Gray

Massive congratulations to Tealia Holmes, 2022 Winner of the Woodleigh Prize.
In a school that 'does everything', it's only fitting that the prize go to a student who has done it all, representing the school in everything from Swimming to Debating to raising money and awareness of human trafficking for Blue Dragon Children's Foundation.
But above all, Tealia is a young person with compassion and empathy, and the skills and initiative to make a difference in the world around her.
Thanks for your enormous contribution to the Woodleigh community Tealia, and to the entire class of 2022. We send you every good wish for your future.