Adventures in Physics

Some of us already knew this, but now the secret is out: Physics is fun! Just ask any of the Year 10 and 11 Physics students who were able to test their knowledge and nerves recently at Gumbaya World’s Senior School Physics Program.

Starting gently, by calculating their speed on the Tree Swing, students worked their way through transformations of energy on the Mining Race Coaster, practically assessed the conservation of momentum in Desert Derby dodgem-car collisions

before considering centripetal force and torque while pulling up to 7g on the Rebel giant swing.

Each activity was a combination of experience, measurement, calculation, and discussion about aspects of motion studied across the Year 10 to 12 physics courses. Students applied their learning and extended their queries into other parts of their studies such as the electrical circuit powering the dodgem car and rates of electrical energy needed to operate the various rides or parts of the amusement park.

Congratulations to all students for being respectful ambassadors for Woodleigh School, plus for their enthusiasm and skills in applying their knowledge and skills in physics and mathematics, surviving then solving the various challenges that were presented.

Physics Teachers