Art Comes to Life!

​ We were incredibly lucky to have a series of special guest artists and performers for Arts Week this week, including Melbourne artist Ghost Patrol (aka David Booth) who has spent the week installing a mural in the Senior Campus Visual Arts ‘Soft Space’, entitled ‘A different tomorrow’.

A different tomorrow is a wish for our kids' future. It starts in thinking differently today; in being open to new ideas and concepts, taking risks, having the courage to fail, and finding new ways to express truths about the human condition. Creativity is not necessarily colour, noise and good vibes. In any other discipline, creativity is called innovation. It’s using what you have in front of you to problem solve your way into the future, to create new solutions to leapfrog old problems.

And in the spirit of not mincing what someone else has already articulated perfectly, here’s NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the value of the arts:

“We should not think of the arts as ‘nice to have’. The arts are a fundamental part of strong communities, and local and national economies. We can’t say we value our arts if we don’t value our artists. Being able to create and access art contributes not only to our individual wellbeing, but also is an important factor in the wellbeing of our communities and society as a whole.”