Camp Licola

​ One of the golden rules of parenting is that kids who go away on outdoor ed camp come back 10 ft taller. If not in real-world, measurable terms, then certainly in confidence, life experience, and the capacity to tackle adversity.

Wet weather? Wear a waterproof coat.

Cold feet? Bring dry socks, and hang up your wet ones to dry.

Hungry? Try the food that’s offered to you.

And then there’s the memories made on camp, away from the known comforts of home. Red Faces concerts, epic Spotto rounds, and the chance to join the immortal ranks of Roden’s Icebergers as you enter the final steps of your primary school journey: this is the stuff of MInimbah legend, Rites of Passage unique to this very special part of the world. For these kids, it means reaching the edge of your comfort zone, and then bravely stepping over it, emboldened by the support of your peers and friends.

This was the experience had this week by our Minimbah Year 5s and 6s as they spent the week at Camp Licola. They’re home safe and warm now, full to the brim with stories to tell, right after they get a good night’s sleep.