Colour and Harmony in the Art Room

ECC and Foundation have been focussing on emotions and created box masks using a range of different materials.

Year 1 and 2 have been practising their drawing skills using oil pastels. They used cotton buds and inks to colour their art pieces of birds and lizards.

Year 3 and 4: Molas are a brightly coloured textile art created by the Kuna tribe from the San Blas region of Panama. Mola means cloth in the Kuna language. One mola can take up to 100 hours to make but we made ours out of coloured cartridge to create similar designs in less time.

Year 5 made their own weaving looms in Threads and Textiles to make colourful circular weavings with pom poms.

Year 6 students have designed tree branches exploring patterns and lines. They have added a pop of colour in the form of an oil pastel chameleon.

Harmony Day Project

We took a break from our usual art pieces to celebrate Harmony Day by all participating in a project. No matter what we believe, where we live, or who we are, we are all part of one global community. Today, more than 400 million young people live in areas in the world experiencing conflict. We explored the idea that Art can send a message and make a difference by watching a short film about Little Amal, a giant puppet who represents a 10 year old refugee.

We created 160 postcards that reflect culture, community and connection. For each postcard we made, the Bezos Family Foundation made a $5 donation to organisations providing humanitarian relief around the world. Students loved being able to make a difference with their artwork.

Art Teacher