Da Vinci Decathlon 2023

During Unit 1 Activities, the Da Vinci Decathlon team of Micah Lasater-Cohen, Ranita Marantelli, Chloe Marshall, Hywel Matthews, Sienna McPherson, Allegra Moloney, Andrew Stroessenreuther and Harvey Whinney, have been working towards the 2023 competition.

An interschool academic competition, the Da Vinci Decathlon covers ten different areas. The students are all challenged as each topic is difficult and during the training the students are encouraged to learn about every element and to find their best strengths.

No one is expected to be able to excel in every area, and students are encouraged to develop their team-building skills and an awareness of each member's strengths. It is fun seeing the members work out which parts of the competition they should concentrate on.

There is something for everybody with Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Creative Producers, Engineering, Maths, English, Legacy (or General Knowledge), Science, Ideation (ethical problem solving) and Cartography all covered in this competition. Some excellent work was completed during the Activity unit, especially in the areas of Engineering, Creative Producers and Art and Poetry.

Sienna and Micah completed this piece of Art and Poetry as a response to the prompt of 'There’s Always A Chance’ and ‘That a highly improbable event may occur in 2023.’ The poetry is incorporated into the artwork, but as it is hard to see in the photos it is also included here.

Questionable, queasy quiet

‘All okay’, we thought’.

Flamboyant, flaming fire.

Through the atmosphere it caught.


The dust sears my eyes

Crazy cloud crash

A bomb from the skies.

Year 9

Good luck to the team as they represent Woodleigh later in the year. They have been a great group to work with.