Expanding Minds in the Minimbah Library

It has been a busy but fun start to the year in the Minimbah Library!

Foundation have settled in well and quickly picked up the library routines each week. They are enjoyed the picture book collection and taking books home to share with loved ones each week. Foundation students have become lunchtime activity experts and loved sharing and connecting to stories about friendships.

Year 1 and Year 2 have been enjoying stories that celebrate the many different family structures that exist, to link into the Who We Are unit of inquiry. We loved reading ‘ And Tango makes Three’ A true story of two male penguins in the Central Park Zoo who created a family together. Mrs Wright asked the students, ‘Who is in your family?’ and they recreated their family as penguins.

INSERT PHOTOS ‘penguins 1-4’ here

This year some changes were made to the Year Three to Six library sessions as a way of providing greater opportunity for students to spend uninterrupted borrowing time in the library with myself and their classroom teacher. This time allows children to make suitable reading choices that reflect their abilities and interests. So far, the student response to these sessions has been outstanding!

We have seen students become more open-minded and take risks by trying books that they may not have selected themselves. These sessions have also contributed to the positive culture of reading within the school. Our 1-hour library lessons have enabled students to have more time and space to connect to big ideas and support elements of classroom units of inquiry, including links to the learner profiles, ATL’s (Approaches To Learning), and concepts, through creative responses to books in the library. We have some exciting projects in the works and look forward to sharing them in the next Messenger with you.

Minimbah Librarian