Exploring beyond the Hive!

Since the last messenger piece so much has developed in the Hive. We have warmly welcomed two new students and their families to the group. Both students have settled into the program extremely well and the rest of the children have been very caring friends, supporting them with our daily schedule and routines.

These experiences highlight the VEYLDF of Identity in action, “as the children build self-identities and sense of belonging, they show interest in others and experience being part of a group, they participate with others in play and other learning opportunities and develop friendships.”

For weeks we were busy planning and organising a very special event, our Mothers’ Day Celebrations. During our morning meetings we discussed and documented all things ‘Mum', from what we enjoyed doing with our mothers, to what we loved about them, what they loved about us and how we could show them how much we cared for them.

“I play cars with her.” William

“Mummy helps me with building roads for the toy cars.”. Maisie

“I love cuddling mummy”. Dorothy

“We play duplo.”Raffi

“I like playing princess with her.” Priya

“We should make some things for them.” Charlie

"We could grow some wiggly plants.” Arlo

We decided upon an afternoon celebration and created a few little special gifts to accompany the gorgeous jewellery from the PFG. We also decided that the Mother’s Day Assembly would be the perfect opportunity for the Hive children to attend for the first time. The assemblies are an integral part of building a sense of community, sharing the children’s learning from across the school. As much fun and enjoyment that assemblies bring, it was also a little daunting for some of the youngest members of the Woodleigh community. Having either mum, grandma, or a special friend to attend the assembly with provided the support and safety needed. Also seeing ourselves on the big screen was pretty exciting!

“I felt a little scared as I had never been before.” Priya

“I felt so happy because of all the things on the screen.” Iris

“Mummy and I were sitting watching the video.” Xavier

“Mum went with Jack to the Mother’s Day breakfast and had sausage rolls.” Zoe

“I love mummy more than anything in the whole world.” Charlie

Another way that we were able to connect with the school community came about last week, when the Hive took over the school! Whilst the big children stayed home for a curriculum day, the Hive children took advantage of much quieter school grounds and went exploring.

Prior to our adventure we sat down and shared our wonderings of what we might discover in the school environment.

“We might see bag hangers.” Bertie

“We will see Papa’s classroom.” Goldie

“We might see some people, like Kerrie.” Blair

“Instruments in the music room” Maisie

“We might see the doggie and a huntsman.” William

“I think we will see Ayla in the pool.” Jack

With much anticipation we ventured beyond the ECC grounds visiting both Kerrie and Mr Davies. We were surprised to find both a TV and toys in Mr Davies office; he obviously works very hard! We enjoyed reading in the library and bouncing the basketball in the gym. It was also a great opportunity to further develop our colouring sorting skills as we carefully arranged Mr Roden’s basketballs back into colour coordination!

We gained some inspiration for our garden from the kitchen garden and thought the classrooms looked very different to our room.

Returning to the ECC, we took time to reflect on what we saw, heard, felt and experienced in the Big school. If you have the time, please come and visit us and see our documentation on display in our reflection book.

“Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities as they demonstrate comfort in their environment.” VEYLDF Community