Fantastic Findings in Foundation

Term Two has been busy and productive in Foundation, and there is so much for us to celebrate! We are making fantastic progress with our literacy and maths, and the children have loved continuing to find out more about living things. They have enjoyed thinking of questions and creating experiments to answer them, just like real scientists do.

As we are halfway through Foundation, we have reflected on how far we have come with our learning. For this Messenger update, I wanted to ask the children to tell you about their Foundation learning journey so far.

"I have got better at making stuff like Lego shops, and I've also got better at reading words." Leo

"I used to not know how to write my whole name, and I would just write Seb. Now I can write my full name." Sebastian

"I have got better at writing since being in Foundation. My writing used to be like scribbling. Now it's not scribbly." Alfie

"I have been going really well with learning to read. When I see a word, I just try really hard to think of the sounds." Peyton

"Since I started Foundation, I've got better at playing with people." Teddy

"I've learned so much in Foundation, and it's been so fun because now I know all my sounds, and I can read." Lewis

"I've got really good at listening in the classroom, and I am proud of myself for being a good friend. I just help out!" Ezra

"I've got much better at reading so far. Now I can read tricky red words like of, the, and two." Austin

"Now writing is fun for me. I even love making books at home." Henni

"I am getting really good at numbers. I can even write numbers past 20. I love playing with my friends, writing, and doing art stuff." Maisy

"School has been going really good for me so far. I am getting better at Read, Write Inc and playing with my friends. I like making music performances on Discovery Day." Aggie

"School makes me feel happy because I learn and play with my friends. I love doing monkey bars and jumping to the second bar." Lucy

"I am much better at writing now. I can write words like Mum and Dad. I love doing Dance at school because we do fun games." Flynn

"School makes me feel great because we have fun games together." Isaac

"I got better at making fairies with sticks and leaves. I like making rainbows out of leaves on Discovery Day." Rose

"I am getting better at reading because I listen and practice my readers at home every night. I am proud of my reading. Some nights I even read my library books myself." Joshua

"I've got better at reading the baby chick's book and writing. I can now write and draw things that look really detailed, like scientist drawings." Dominic

"I love playing with my friends at school. I've got lots of ideas for playing at Discovery Day. We like to play 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' and we play fairy games." Remi

What's next in Term 3

Next term, we will continue to build on our literacy and numeracy skills and will begin to look at a new central idea 'Products and services are created to meet the needs of a community.' We are inquiring into;

• Roles and responsibilities within our community.
• Products and services in our community.
• Creating products and services for our community.

We would love to have parents come in to talk to the children about their roles and responsibilities in their job, as part of their family, or in any volunteer organisations they belong to. I will have a sign-up sheet when we meet for Parent Teachers interviews and would love to have as many parents come in and talk to as possible.

We are very excited to have two events happening early next term. On Wednesday, 26th July, we rescheduled our trip to the Museum, which was cancelled due to illness last term. You will receive an Operoo permission request for this at the beginning of term 3. Also, please start looking for a costume for your child and come and watch our 100 Days of School Assembly on Thursday 3 August.

If you haven't seen our lovely video about Foundation, please find the link below. The children have watched it a few times in class and are so excited and proud to see themselves and their classroom on screen.

Wishing you all a safe, relaxing break. We look forward to catching up with you during our Parent Teacher Interviews next term.

Kind regards,

Foundation educators