Farewell, Geoff, David and Helen

There are 97 years of Woodleigh's history in this first photo.

Ninety-seven years of teaching, mentoring, coaching and leading our students well beyond the classroom.
And last Friday, we said farewell.

Relationships and experiences are what we base education on at Woodleigh, and it's fair to say that Helen Billett, David Baxter and Geoff Rogers have enough runs on the board in the relationships and experiences department to best all comers.

It's hard to find a domain where these three Woodleigh Legends have not had an impact.
Academia, The Arts, Sport, Community Engagement and Community Partnerships have all benefited from the hard work, leadership, stewardship and care of Helen, David and Geoff.

David, after 27 years, and Geoff 39, we hope you enjoy your very well-earned retirements. And Helen, after 30 years with us, we wish you every success as you continue with new and exciting challenges.
The legacy that these three teachers leave totals far more than 97 years. The thousands of young lives they have impacted during their time at Golf Links Road will live on far longer. Thank you for your tireless dedication to Woodleigh School, its values and its students.