From the Head of Penbank

Welcome to the term families and friends,

We launch into the term with excitement about Woodleigh Arts, which includes a culmination of programs and experiences from all campuses. But before we head into what’s next, I wish to say how fantastic it was to bring our campus community together during the last weeks of Term 3. There was something for everyone – such a celebration of learning and fun for families.

Book Week

Book Week always inspires our imagination. The theme, Dreaming with Eyes Open created the opportunity for us to engage with a wide variety of literature, and everyone loves the opportunity to dress up for our Book Week School Meeting!

Rock Quiz

Rock Quiz was a tremendous night for parents and friends. A full house, the guests were entertained by hosts for the evening, Adam Liddiard and Pete McGettigan. Dressed in 80s style, everyone delighted in the atmosphere, and danced the night away to the band, The Overhead Projectors. Comprising our extraordinarily talented music staff, we thank you for your generosity to come together as an amazing band. Many thanks to our hosts, Pete and Adam, and also to the school’s Events Director, aptly named for the occasion, Cindy Laura! Thank you too PFG for supporting the night and to all families who joined us for this delightful occasion.

The Soiree and Wugubank Expo concluded Term 3. Both events showcased the learning of students. The Soiree highlighted numerous ensembles and individuals, and we were delighted to see the return of some of our former Penbank students who have progressed into amazing musicians at the Senior Campus.

Expos for all groups were held in the last weeks of term. They are wonderful opportunities to share the learning with parents and students at the school. We were also pleased to share the learning with our Minimbah friends.

The Wugubank Expo brings together the incredible learning that comes from the Wugubank experience. Warmly welcomed into the Wugularr/Beswick community in August, children were able to build relationships through a community and school environment of two-way learning.

As a school, for all students, we create opportunities. Wugubank has done that for many young people. We also know that education is key, and support and sharing encourage our young people to be brave and courageous.

Ultimately, this relationship is real and heartfelt and opens our eyes to other ways. It is the same for the children and community of Beswick. The parents too, want their children to be educated, and a part of the bigger world. Us being there, and the Wugularr children coming to Penbank creates possibilities and opportunity because it is real. It gives purpose to our quest to strive for a better world for all through real experiences and understanding. We gratefully appreciate how Wugubank impacts our lives.

Bit by bit, Wugubank will continue to thrive with us coming together in the many ways that connect us across the year. It is always a pleasure to see the togetherness of our communities. We will be very excited to welcome the Wugularr mob to Penbank in March next year.

General Notices

Second-hand uniform

Across the year, we collect second-hand school clothing that is sold at a very reasonable cost. The proceeds go to the PFG and contribute to special projects. The collection of second-hand uniform is managed by representatives of our PFG. If your child has outgrown any items such as Winter school uniform, we would love your donations to add to the second-hand stock. Please bring any items (in good condition/no stains) to reception. With Orientation coming up, there are many prospective families interested to purchase second-hand gear.


We are in the final stages of securing enrolments for 2023. I am delighted we have many new families joining our school including a majority of our families moving from Early Learning to Prep. We have a number of new children joining us in Year 5 and in other year levels too. At this time of the year, we also consider requests from teachers concerning a change in year level and the group arrangements. We will keep you posted!

Calendar Update


Y3 to Y5 Swimming Program commences – Tuesday 18 Oct

Regional Aths @ Casey – Wednesday 19 October

Incursion Dion Drummond – all students – Thursday 20 October, 10.00 am

Year 2 Sleepover – Friday 21 October



WEEK 5 – Cup Week

Mid Term Break – Monday 31 October

Melbourne Cup Holiday – Tuesday 1 November

Report Writing Day (No students P to 6) – Friday 4 November


Year 8 Community Partnerships -Tuesday 8 November

Indonesian Pesta with Y9s – Thursday 9 November


Year 12 Valedictory – Friday 18 November

WEEK 8 – Orientation Week

New Parents Evening - Tuesday 22 November 7.00pm

Student Orientation –Wednesday 23 November 10.00am – 11.00am

Penbank EOY Finale – Thursday 24 November, 7.30 pm


Perberkoong – Wednesday 30 November, 7.00 pm

PE Teachers Planning Day – Thursday 1 December

Arty Market, Senior Campus – Friday 2 December, 4.00 pm


Year 7 2022 Orientation Morning – Monday 5 December

Year 6 Graduation – Wednesday 7 December

ELG/4 Break-up Party – Thursday 8 December

ELG/3 Break-up Party – Friday 9 December

Term 4 Ends – Friday 9 December

Staff PL Day – Monday 12 December

Staff PL Day – Tuesday 13 December

Last day for staff – Wednesday 14 December

Office closes 4.00 pm – Wednesday 21 December

All the best for a great term ahead.

Kind regards,

Head of Penbank Campus