From the Minimbah Music Department

Well, that’s a wrap on The Little Mermaid, you Poor Unfortunate Souls! As we emerge from many Fathoms Below, from Under the Sea; we will become Human Again and be Part of Your World once more.

It was great to see and hear the students’ hard work come to fruition for three outstanding shows. It was wonderful to hear the student's beautiful singing emanating from the Senior Campus Hall. It’s been an epic voyage, with many, many hours of work put in by students, and merfolk alike.

We are now looking forward to sharing repertoire for Grandparent’s Day on Tuesday 13 September when we will present other aspects of the Music Program. The programme for the day is very full and we are looking forward to showcasing more musical items, including choirs, the rock band, a few soloists, orchestra, and a few toe-tapping favourites from our recent extravaganza.

It’s been an exciting end to a busy musical term.

Music teachers