Future tenses in Year 10 French

In Year 10 French class, students have been learning how to formulate the future tenses in French, comprising of ‘futur simple’ (simple future) and ‘futur proche’ (near future). The students comprise of James L, Phoebe A, Gabe F, Tabitha P and Hudson M.

To contextualise these tenses, students wrote sentences in French about what they would like to do in the future by using both the future tenses, which was uploaded on the website, ‘Dotstorming’. Their responses were all anonymous, and the website enabled students to log on anonymously, and create their own usernames.

Each student had to guess who wrote which responses. This led to an animated and a lively lesson in French and English, whereby students each took turns translating the sentences, and trying to work out who wrote what sentences. Such is an example of the powerful integration of technology in the teaching of languages in the classroom.

On behalf of Year 10 French