Hatchings in Foundation!

Term 2 has been busy and productive in Foundation, and there is much for us to celebrate! We are making fantastic progress with our literacy and maths, and the children have loved continuing to find out more about living things. As many of you saw at Assembly last Thursday, the Foundation children are now very knowledgable junior scientists! They are also very articulate, so I thought I would ask the children to tell you what they have enjoyed learning about for our final update this term.

I have got really good at spelling words. Luca

I have learned so much about living things. Lewis

I am proud because I can build high towers. Fletcher

When I first came to school, I was nervous, but now I am brave, and I love coming to school. Arthur

I just want to get in the car on Saturdays and Sundays and still come to school. Kai

I really like going to school because school is a bit of my happy place. Eli

I love making concrete in the sandpit at lunchtime. James

I feel happy when I come to school, and I love playing and making things. Christopher

I have gotten way better at reading and spelling in Foundation. Sophie

I love playing with my friends. Jordyn

I’ve got really good at writing all the letters. Jack Sk

I love my teachers and my friends at school. Harriet

I like playing with my friends, digging, and going down the slide at school. Jack St

On the first day of school, I was a little bit nervous, but now I love it. I especially love doing science experiments. Penelope

I love learning letters and being at school. Connie

This term, a real highlight has been watching our chickens hatch and taking care of them. Please let me know if you are interested in adopting some of our chicks on Friday, 17 June. The chicks must be adopted in pairs (or more), and at this stage, we do not know if they are hens or roosters. At the end of our program, any chicks that aren’t adopted will be raised on a free-range farm.

Wishing you all a wonderful final two weeks of term. I look forward to catching up with you during our Parent Teacher Interviews next term.

Kind regards,

Foundation Teacher