Hello from Inverloch! Homestead 4 Camp Reflection

​Inverloch Camp was a great experience for all of us. It let us learn more about each other and our teachers in a challenging environment.

The first dinner was probably the best because we cooked our own dinners, and not to brag but we made the best meal FROM SCRATCH (gyozas!) Sleeping in tents was a change from how school camps had been for us previously, but we survived! There were a few leaks here and there but overall, every problem let us learn more about one another.

The weather was not on our side, every night we endured rain and strong winds. But it was all worth it with the experiences we got to do on camp. Surfing was by far the favourite water activity, but that shouldn’t discourage the Stand Up Paddleboarding which we also got to do. Even the spare time we had in between activities and meals was filled with friends all sitting together and having a great time. We think everyone should participate in this camp, it’s insane fun. When we got home, we were ecstatic to discuss the fun we had and get a full night’s sleep for the first time in the week.

Homestead 4