Homestead 2 Camp Haikus

Rollercoaster ride
Ups and downs, acts of kindness
We should all be proud

Charlie Russo Y7

Maccy make me sad
He said I was not awesome
I got very sad

Izzy O’Connor Y8

Snags are very yum The sausages were very juicy Chilli can not cook

Tilly Boadle Y8

Camp was bussin lots The surf was really pumping The surf coach, a legend

Rupert Brancatisano Y8

I can climb up high If I try hard enough I can climb up high

Tobi Chivers Y8

Surfing was ok My hair died in the process But my camp was great

Isabel Cameron Y8

To ask and listen Quietly, without prompting, You offered support.

Mr Shinkfield Y8 Tutor