How Year 3 Measure Up!

This term has been an exciting time for our Year 3 Minimbah students as they went on a journey of discovery and learning.

During our Writing Workshops, we spent most of the term learning about persuasive writing techniques. Through connections to our unit of inquiry and work at the creek to support and celebrate Tree Day, students wrote arguments that expressed their opinions effectively aiming to convince others. The jury is still out on the goats at the creek, what do you say Rod?

Our maths sessions have had a strong focus on multiplication and division as we encourage students to move beyond rote learning and explore the concept of multiplication in different contexts. We have been looking at how multiplication relates to real-life scenarios and how it can be applied to solve everyday problems using a range of strategies and number facts that students independently know.

Our current unit of inquiry started with a timeline journey that represented the history of Australia. We read about evidence of First Nations people living on the land 60,000 years ago. As a class we did some calculations & conversion and thought about how we could begin to map the timeline of the history of Australia. Students worked out that if 1cm was equivalent to 10 years, 60 meters was equivalent to 60,000 years! So, we headed to the oval - We couldn’t believe the how long the timeline was. When we returned to the classroom we webbed it across the room, zig zagging back and forth.

As part of this unit, we are thinking about what makes an event significant. Through conversation, children have shown an interest in the upcoming vote for a voice to parliament and some students have identified that this is a significant event in Australian history. We will begin to unpack both sides of the story and look at different perspectives in a child friendly and appropriate way.

It has been my greatest pleasure to spend time with the Year 3 children this term whilst Craig has been on long service leave. They have all continued to grow, challenge themselves and thrive in more ways than one, you should be so proud of them.

I look forward to continuing to see them back in the library next term.

Thank you!

Year 3 Teacher