Howdy from Homestead 2: Camp Reflections from Torquay

Homestead Camp was an experience that I will never forget. As ‘newbies’ we made new friendships and connections. Something that encouraged these connections were the activities we did like kayaking. Kayaking was my favourite because my partner and I had such a great time paddling together through reeds and some mud. When we could see the docks, we all flipped our kayaks upside down and used them like that till we reached our destination. Trying new things and having a go in a different environment worked well here! We also surfed. At first, I found surfing hard but, the waves were great for learning, eventually I got it and gained some confidence. My new friends and I had an exhilarating time catching the waves. Those are my highlights of camp, memories that I will cherish forever.

Year 7

Homestead Camp was so fun, I had a great experience. One of my favourite activities was surfing. The waves were huge on Thursday and knocked me off my board. On Monday we all learned the basics of surfing, which gave me a head start for Thursday. Most of the waves I only got on to my knees but on one wave, I stood up for about one second, but I was still proud of this. One of the other activities we did was kayaking. This was very painful and so much fun. The water was a bit muddy and smelt very bad, but we all went through it. We learned to capsize the boat and bring it back up again. There was this very challenging task that we had to do that on an upside-down boat we had to fit more than ten people. It was a success and we even fit 11 people on one boat. The things we were taught on this camp were incredible: setting up a tent, cooking our own food, and much more. We are all very excited for next year.


I had a great time on Homestead Camp. In Homestead 2 we went down to Torquay and our focus was surfing. We surfed on the first day, and the second last day. In between then we went kayaking in Anglesea, we went for a tour in a surf museum. We went for a big long walk to Bells Beach and we played a lot of games. We cooked a lot of delicious food for dinner like pasta and butter chicken. We played cricket and footy and we even had a talent show. I made quite a few friends on this camp and I’m sure others did too. The teachers all put in a lot of effort to make this camp happen, from staying up till 6 in the morning helping a student, to supervising us making a human pyramid. They really made this camp fun. Thank you. Homestead Camp is a great opportunity to get away in nature, away from technology and a great way to have fun. I’m sad that this is my last Homestead Camp but happy for the other opportunities that will come my way.