Last Day for our Year 12's

The Year 12s' last day called for a decompression session. The energy was big and the polyester count was high, as the biggest kids in the school captured the castle and owned the joint with verve and vigour.

The Class of 2022 took to the stage – and the bleachers – in the Hall to lead the school in their final Woodleigh assembly. In true Woodleigh style, the songs were their songs, the gowns, though delightful, were not academic, and the badges they wore were not as elected officials; it was a 100% student-powered event, where everyone had a shot at holding the mic.

Then it was on to carnival rides, food and good – mostly clean – fun on the old school oval, making for a well-earned pumping of tires in that mid-October sweet spot between classes finishing and exams commencing.

Go forth and slay, Year 12. You got this.