Legendary Coffee - A Barista Rap from Activities

Inspired by their Unit 6 Barista activity, Lilly Lawson and Matilda Butt wrote this rap, featuring their legendary instructor Eden (pictured).

Legendary Coffee

ft. Eden

It’s bitter yet sweet,
Homestead One always smells like a treat!
Our coffee is fire
fuelled by our passion and desire.
Each bean is cared for perfectly grown,
Our coffees be tasting like 24-karat-gold.

We tamp our coffee like there’s no tomorrow.
Pour our heart and souls into the perfect cup of gold.
Make sure you only do a little twist,
'cause Eden says you might break your wrist!

After each session we clean like a mad machine,
'cause we don’t want Madams getting mean.
Our barista be reals are super fire,
but not as good as our Common Folk coffee supplier.

I see you’re feeling fancy
so let’s spice things up a little.
Forget long blacks,
let’s move on to the triple stacks.

Latte art is our style.
It’s a privilege.
It’s a lifestyle.

Some of us still learning the ropes,
but Matilda be slaying cause she’s a pro.

First you gotta make your shots,
froth the milk,
keep the steamer clean.
But make sure your milk don’t scream,
'cause this ain’t Halloween!

Next we gonna pour.
Hold your jug up high,
but don’t be shy
'cause if you spill a little milk we got more in the fridge.
Just don’t tell Madams cause he don’t like the wastage.

Once you’ve filled your cup,
Get down real close,
Mmm this latte is the opposite of gross.
Pour a bubble of milk,
Two then three,
Then pull through the stacks nice and clean.

Year 9