Making Connections

Connecting with our community at the beginning of the year is a priority. It is an opportunity to get to know families and children as we prepare for the growth and development of our students at all levels. Parents play a fundamental role in their children’s education, encouraging them to build their confidence and develop independence as they navigate the expectations and routines of school. It has been a pleasure to welcome parents into our school to assist with cooking, be a part of the PFG (Parents and Friends Group) first meeting, and simply being there at the end of the day for pick-up at home time.

Connecting with community involves parents understanding the many ways they can support their child at school. We all have high aspirations for our children to be responsible people, have empathy for others and to learn in the best possible way. Woodleigh’s 3Rs – Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for The Environment are foundational understandings for the whole school community.

Making Connections - PYP Learner Profiles

The PYP Learner Profiles incorporated in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program are embedded in our curriculum. It is the intent of these Learner Profiles to develop students to be internationally minded and culturally inclusive people who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.

Teachers incorporate the Learner Profiles into the children’s learning experiences that support our young people to think about others while connecting positively to our community and beyond. It is through these learner profiles that children learn to understand their responsibility in contributing to a co-operative and respectful learning environment.

We invite you to School Meeting

School Meeting is our weekly gathering place in the Penbank hall. We invite parents to join us each Thursday morning at 8.50am to share in this time when we all learn together as a campus. The Learner Profiles are often referenced. The Learner Profiles prioritised this term include a focus on being Principled, Caring and Open-minded. Each School Meeting, Year 6 students lead the presentations that have a particular focus and complimentary song.

The School Meeting themes ahead include taking responsibility, the differences in us all, and belonging. These all lead up to the very exciting time when the children from Wugularr visit during Week 9 and our Cultural Diversity Week celebrations, including our Harmony Day Twilight Picnic.

Supporting students to connect

Making connections for students occur in multiple ways. Significant experiences such as camps are learning experiences that develop friendships and independence while living and learning in a new environment. Last week’s camp at Wilsons Promontory for Year 5 students was fantastic for developing an abundance of skills as a learning community. The Year 3 & 4 students are off to Golden Valley’s Ranch in the last week of term. You can learn more about the camps through School Meeting and the next Letter Home.

Enabling children to connect confidently depends on parents providing children with a daily routine and plenty of sleep. Children are expected to self-care by packing their school bags, and dressing develops independence and organisational skills. Keeping things in perspective and maintaining a positive/can-do outlook builds confidence and helps children feel capable when problems arise.

To support children in developing these skills, we encourage parents to allow their children to walk into school independently. Andy and I are always there to greet children and assist children in getting to classrooms if there is a need. Predominantly, our children manage the separation from their parents each morning very well. Teachers, too, need that time before the start of the day to set up and prepare for the day’s learning. Children start the day best when they have time to play outside before the day begins. An 8.30 am arrival time is perfect!

How about the staff?

As with the broader community of the school, the staff work together, forming professional and personal relationships. This collaboration contributes to school improvement and success, contributing to the overall understanding we have of our students. Sharing the vision of the school and learning together develops us as educators as we encourage each other with our work. Getting to know you through the recent Information Night and Parent/Teacher interviews are opportunities for sharing what we do. Getting to know one another helps us connect as a team. We, too, enjoyed the opportunity to connect by staying at Penbank’s Wilsons Prom camp with our families for the weekend prior to the arrival of the Year 5s.

As we reach the middle of the term, we can be extremely grateful for the connections, work and experiences that enable our children to thrive. I thank you as parents and staff for supporting us in our endeavours.

Kind regards,

Deputy Principal

Upcoming Events


Monday 27th February – Melbourne Zoo excursion (Colour Run donation delivery - selected students TBA)

Tuesday 28th February – Body Safe (ECC 4, Year 1 & 2)

Wednesday 1st March – Year 6 Excursion CERES Caring for Climate & Change

Friday 3rd March - Swimming Squad Training @ YAWA (selected students TBA)


Monday 6th March District Swimming

Tuesday 7th March - School Photos (Schoolpix) (Prep – Year 6)

Tuesday 7th March – Body Safe (ECC 4, Year 1 & 2)

Wednesday 8th March - ELC Get to know the School Morning Tea 9.30 am

Thursday 9th March - Division Swimming @ YAWA (selected students)


Monday 13th March - Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 14th March – Body Safe (Year 1 & 2)

Friday 17th March - Penbank Campus Tour 9.30 am


Monday 20th March – Body Safe (ECC 3 & Prep)

Wednesday 22nd March – PFG Meeting 1.45 pm

WEEK 9 – Cultural Diversity Week & Wugubank Week

Monday 27th March – Body Safe (ECC 3 & Prep)

Thursday 30th March- Hip Hop Dancers Incursion (Prep – Year 6), Harmony Day Twilight Picnic 5.00 pm


Monday 3rd April – Wednesday 5th April Golden Valleys Camp (Year 3 & 4)

Thursday 6th April - Penbank & Minimbah Sports Day

Thursday 6th April - Term 1 Ends

Good Friday – Friday 7th April

Easter Saturday – Saturday 8th April

Easter Sunday - Sunday 9th April