Minimbah Graduation

Minimbah is not a place you drive past.

It’s more like a hidden island, with natives as friendly as you like: curious, kind, calm.

Last night the Senior Campus Hall was taken over by the Minimbah Year 6s for their graduation. They’ve all grown too big for this little island and the mainland of Senior Campus is calling.

Each student shared a graduation speech reflecting on their school journey. They spoke bravely of friendships, learning difficulties, Covid interruption and identity. The overwhelming message was how their school helped them to feel relaxed, calm and understood. It sounds simple, but not all students are lucky enough to have that at school.
These kids know that, and are terribly grateful.

3, 2, 1 … leap! Whether on the Giant Swing at Camp Licola, singing on stage at school production, or the countless other chances these guys have been offered, leaping has been the theme of 2022 for this Year 6 crew. But not all leaps are scary! Some leave you sopping wet, but with smiles for miles. After their final assembly, Friday was their last leap – the Minimbah Pool Jump - before they take the biggest leap of their young lives, straight into Year 7 at Senior Campus. They’re ready!