Minimbah Music – Term 1 2022

Here's a quick peek at what's been going on, both in and out of the Music House here at Minimbah.

There's been a veritable feast of musical goodies served up to sate the voracious appetite of music-loving Minimbarbarians. We've sung, rapped, chanted, and even composed an army-style cadence (with assistance from 'drill sergeant' Georgy Sipcic).

With musical life having seen some changes in recent times, we've had choirs rehearsing outside on the verandah of the Music House, brass and woodwind workshop groups dodging footies and leaf-blowers whilst rehearsing on the oval, and, finally, orchestra reforming after a lengthy hiatus. With doors flung wide open, the lunchtime sounds of the rock band can be heard throughout the campus, pumping out 'The Final Countdown', turned up to 11!

Music is back on!

Classroom Music – In Foundation – Year 2, the focus has been on music and movement, beat games, simple notation and listening skills. During F-2 Choir, a favourite song has emerged - The Flying Purple People Eater. So, if your child is singing this at home, don't be disturbed; it's a real song! Y2 students composed and performed a 'tasty' Food Rhythms body percussion piece.

Students from Years 3 and 4 have focused on developing instrumental skills on the recorder, xylophone, and glockenspiel.

It has been great to see students developing their ensemble skills when performing in a group. These ensemble experiences often lead to wholesome discussions around Woodleigh's 3Rs. We even had a class concert at the end of term.

Year 5 students have been learning about instruments of the orchestra, in conjunction with trying various instruments for the Music Workshop program.

The Round Robin has been completed, and students will get their instruments at the start of Term 2. Y5s will learn these instruments for the rest of their Minimbah journey, so feel free to ask for a tune from time to time.

Year 6 students have been exploring the science of sound, searching for answers to questions like – "Can you see sound?"

Students have also been excitedly preparing for auditions for this year's school production of the Little Mermaid. The atmosphere is palpable in these sessions. The students have brought so much enthusiasm and positivity and, most importantly, have been supportive of each other's efforts. Forget Hamilton; could this be the hottest ticket in town this year?

JOHN BECKLEY Minimbah Music