Music Notes from Andy

Hearing students singing and playing instruments together again this year has been so wonderful! The students and teachers have been extremely motivated to be a part of the face-to-face experiences, playing in bands, ensembles, choirs and having private music tuition. Harmony Day Picnic was a celebration of diversity and community, song and dance, food, and connection. Bunjil Concerts have given all our budding musicians a chance to build confidence and showcase new skills, whilst our Soiree displayed the results of many hours of rehearsals by each of our ensembles, culminating in an outstanding evening of teamwork and music. The end of the year will see the whole of the Penbank campus creating their own performances for the Penbank Finale, a showcase of our Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. We continue to be very proud of the passion, commitment, and heart that students and teachers contribute to our music program.

Music Teacher