Our Proud Year 4 Eco-Committee

A note from By Arthur S. Fregon, member of the Eco-Committee

As of 2023, a group of committed students from across Minimbah has decided to join the Eco-Schools Foundation. The Eco-Schools Foundation is a program that takes in schools to help with their environmental issues. Each school will create an Eco-Committee who help out to solve some of our environmental problems.

As of now, we have multiple tens of members, each doing different roles. I, myself, am one of those people, and I am proud to say. We have decided to focus on our waste & waterway issues, eg. How waste effects waterways, and how we can help reduce the waste.

Each different role has a different part to play. The communication team, AKA the comms team, help get our accomplishments out into the world, let others know about what we do, and why. The treasurer manages our funding, money, and what we will spend it on. The chairperson & deputy chairperson manage the meetings and the minute takers keep track of what we discuss.

We have already had an impact, with our latest accomplishment being replanting many plants at Sweetwater Creek. We hope in the future we will be able to proudly say that we have given the school a green thumb.

Creek Planting 29

A note from an eco-teacher

It has been wonderful to have such a committed group of students join for our first few eco-committee meetings. At this point, the students are beginning to take charge and lead the inquiry and action. They are giving up their lunchtimes to discuss and investigate environmental issues, a perfect demonstration of their principled and caring approach to learning and life and our school values. And how wonderful to see students leading a committee with teachers and leaders there to support their journey. If you are interested in getting involved as a supportive friend of the committee and have any particular expertise or passion for these issues, please get in touch.

James Clapham