Our Year 9 City Bound Experience

Our Year 9s spent 7 days in the city at the beginning of Term 2, and have returned fresh with new perspectives and ideas for their MYP Community Project.

The MYP Community Project requires students to identify a particular community they would like to work with and connect with them to establish an area in which they could make a difference. Students then carry out an action that makes a positive difference to their identified community.

The City Bound Program serves as a launching pad for the MYP Community project. Students spend 7 days in the city hearing from and being immersed in the experiences of people from different communities. Some of these talks and experiences included visiting The Big Issue Headquarters and hearing from a person experiencing homelessness, listening to a Muslim speaker at a mosque in Carlton, examining public artworks that advocate for different people, hearing from a Sudanese refugee, and many more.

The purpose of this time is for students to broaden their understanding of the different communities that make up Melbourne and their needs. They are required to practice empathy, open-mindedness, and respect as they hear from others. Students also build their independence as they navigate the city and transport. They build their communication skills as they practice developing and asking questions of key presenters.

Here are some key takeaways from two of our Year 9 students:

What experience had the most effect on you?

I think the magistrates court visit had a really profound impact on me, it was my first time seeing the justice system working and I have a lot of motivation to go to law school after seeing it doing good in the community.

How would I describe it to my family and friends?

I would describe City Bound as a coming-of-age story. A week in the city with my friends has, for sure, given me more perspective on the world we live in and how people have to go through so much to get what I take for granted.


What is it about the City Bound experience that has had the most impact on you?

I think hearing the speakers, what they have had to go through, how they have come out the other side, and still being able to smile and share their story, that had the most impact on me. Some of them are even still going through it, like KJ still experiencing homelessness but still talking to us. Agum (a Sudanese refugee) who still has to find her kids but she is still smiling. On the day she spoke to us, there was a war in her home country, but she insisted on seeing us. They all stay so persistent.

How would you describe this to your family and friends?

I would describe it as a very informative, emotionally touching camp with pockets of fun sprinkled throughout the week, with lots of time to be social and grow closer to your peers.