Passports and Travel in Indonesian / Dance

Passports stamped.

Luggage checked.

Seatbelts on.

Ready for take off!!

Our Year 1 and 2 travelers were very excited to embark on their journey to Bali, Indonesia. There were many important steps to follow and complete for this trip to take place. As a class, we researched and discussed the places we could visit in Indonesia. It was a unanimous vote that we should travel to Bali, as many of us knew about Bali or had in fact travelled to Bali before.

We discovered that before we could travel internationally, we had to have passports. So, we set about creating our very own “BUKU PASPOR”. We got to include important details like our “Nama” (Name), “Umur” (Age), “Tempat Lahir” (Birthplace), drawings of ourselves, and even our pets (who were traveling with us).

Queuing up at the airport to get our Buku Paspor stamped was very exciting and once we boarded our plane, the pilot got us ready for take-off. All was smooth sailing until our plane had an emergency landing and that is when our adventure really began! We moved through mystical portals and visited strange and mysterious lands. We met a dragon and finally found ourselves at an Indonesian Wet Market filled with colourful fruit and new foods to explore.

Where the Wild Things Are in Indonesian / Dance

Foundation have been exploring different environments and habitats, the creatures who live there and the interesting ways they travel. Taking turns and following a leader, sharing pathways and ideas, connecting pathways and movement qualities were interesting ways of wondering and exploring our ideas together.