Pesta di Penbank

During Week 7 and 8 of Term Four, the Year 9 Indonesian class, along with a few Year 8s, all went to Penbank and Minimbah for their Indonesian day – Pesta Indonesia! We acted as the teachers for the day, and in pairs or trios, we taught the students many different things like Indonesian fruits, clothes, animals and sports.

It was such a cool experience to teach younger kids about what we have learnt throughout our years of learning Indonesian. Our MYP unit of learning was focused on the Celebration of the Indonesian Language and was designed to help us to be creative language learners and to bring our school community together via our common connection as learners of Indonesian.

We all had so much fun interacting with the students, playing language games, and getting to know some of the younger students. We were all surprised by how knowledgeable the students were and their ability to adapt and learn quickly. Every student supported each other and listened; this made our jobs much easier. Both days we were provided with dadar gulung, which are green coconut pancakes with a sweet palm sugar and coconut filling. We also had nasi campur (mixed rice with satay and rendang) which was a delicious Indonesian lunch. Overall, the day was really fun, and we all learnt a lot about the life of a teacher and how to much fun learning (and teaching) a language can be!

Year 9