Pottery Showdown!

Tuesday lunchtime saw the long-awaited return of the Arts Week Pottery Throw-Down. Staff and students of steady hand and greedy heart donned their smocks and lined up to have a crack at the title of Pottery Throw-Down Champion.

The challenge: throw a cup with a handle in 5-minutes.

The high-pressure three-round competition saw pottery veterans Mif Farquharson and Ms Mac pitted against rookies from year 7 through 10; Mr Butler left his woodworking studio to give the wheel a burl against Art Tech Anika McLean, and some plucky last-minute additions from Year 10 students Lewis Williams, Hugo Brancatisano and Ted Meysztowicz made a fast, furious and funny final round.

Anika McLean won the trophy on the day, if it survives the firing process.