Production Announcement!

Year Six was abuzz with excitement as the 2023 school production was revealed on Friday afternoon. The big question of 'What show will it be??' was on everyone’s mind. So, without further ado (drum roll please ...) We are excited to announce Minimbah’s 2023 production is ...

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical

We caught up with some students to hear their thoughts.

As we all know, the Minimbah Y6 Production 2023 is Matilda: The Musical. ‘Matilda’ is my ABSOLUTE favourite Roald Dahl book, and I was SO happy when it was announced. It is almost indescribable how thrilled I was when Chloe told us what it was …

Just before lunch, Mrs Wong came into the classroom to announce the production. After the buzz and hum of excitement that had washed over the class died down, Mrs Wong cleared her throat. She began by introducing.

"This year is a big year for all of you. One of the big things that you will be doing this year is production. I’m here to tell you what that is." Or something along those lines. Then after the drumroll as Mrs Wong took a breath and as she was about to say it, Chloe, who is Mrs Wong’s daughter, said:


Chloe had known since the start of the holidays what production would be, and she just couldn’t keep it in!

We were in shock, we weren’t quite sure if it was true or not.

But Mrs Wong said,

‘Yes it is Matilda.’

And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!

Year 6

When we finally announced the production, I felt happy and relieved in that moment. It was hilarious when I announced it unexpectedly and everyone laughed. It was also nice not to have to keep it a secret anymore.

It was amazing to see everyone’s expressions and reactions. From their perspective, I could see there was a mixture of feelings; from curious, to excited, and finally happy. We are all looking forward to the production.

Year 6

When I heard we were doing Matilda as our production I had a mixture of feelings. On one side I was jumping to the sky knowing we are doing Matilda, but on the other side I was nervous about being a Year 6 in a main role. After thinking about it a bit more, I know that our teachers will be there to help and support us to do our best and have fun.

Year 6