Real World of Opportunity

There’s been lots of ‘newsy news’ this term, and with the changes ahead, we can all be excited about the school’s future. I am extremely delighted with the imminent structures in place, and I especially congratulate Andy Khoza who will lead the Penbank Campus at the commencement of the 2024 school year. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to have a little more flexibility in my life while remaining deeply connected to the school through the Wugubank collaboration. I thank you for the beautiful messages I have received this past week.

A Term of Real World and Experiential Learning

Book Week – Read, Grow, Inspire
This term has provided many wonderful experiences for the children. Concluding the term, we celebrated the much-loved Book Week that featured guest authors and plenty of storytelling and sharing of favourite books. The Book Week School Meeting is always a most creative celebration with special highlights, including a pantomime of Who Sank the Boat performed by staff and our whole school singing Justine Clark’s song, Words Make the World Go Round. This song was specially written for Book Week. Justine’s song was partially written in Australian Kriol, the language of the Wugularr/Beswick and Barunga communities. We were delighted to show a video clip of the Wugularr children singing the song with Andy while we were in Wugularr some weeks ago.

Sovereign Hill – Back in time!
Leading into Book Week, Year 5 students thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Sovereign Hill Costume School. For several days they were transported back in time, the children immersed in the many perspectives of the 1850’s from being a child on the goldfields to the historical significance of the Eureka Stockade. Preparation leading up to the camp involved students researching and creating a particular character. This formed the persona of the young person they were portraying while on the goldfields – such learning in action! Watching the making of boiled lollies, being a part of the interactive Aura by night, the gold pour, panning for gold and generally being out and about as part of the costume school all contributed to an amazing experience.

Wugubank NT
The Year 6s and team experienced an amazing time meeting up with their friends from Wugularr School and the Beswick Community. Friendships were quickly renewed upon our arrival, and we were warmly welcomed by the community with a beautiful smoking ceremony. Our experiences with the Wugularr mob are like no other. We can learn from the Beswick community and children when with them, which was reflected in the Wugubank Expo presented to parents this week. Our focus on community, the environment and the future is developed through this partnership that builds inter-cultural understanding, friendship and respect.

As for our school community, you too are a part of the experience! Rock Quiz was your gig this term and what a night!

My very best wishes and thanks for your support and contribution – everyone deserves a relaxed and enjoyable upcoming break.

Warmest regards,