Finishing on a high note in Year 6

​It's the final countdown! Well, not just yet. While this is our final term of primary school, our journey is far from over.


This term sees us continuing our How the World Works unit as we continue to explore how various factors influence the design of structures as well as the principles that underpin their design. The lines of inquiry for this unit are:

  • Principles that underpin the design of structures
  • The influence of the environment on the design and construction of structures
  • How technology influences design and construction

This unit is extremely hands-on and many of our investigations involve designing, constructing, and testing different structures. There are also many transdisciplinary opportunities as our work in Maths on 2D and 3D shapes, as well as looking into commentary on design and procedural writing feed into this unit authentically.

Our Year 6 engineers have faced quite a few challenges over the past few weeks. They have been tasked with creating purposeful structures using limited resources and limited time. They have had to consider various design principles during their construction activities, as well as employ all the skills needed to work successfully in a group. They have even attempted to go up against the World Champion Card Tower builder, paying special attention to his design tips. Ask them how they went!

As part of our Where We Are in Place and Time unit of inquiry, the Year 6 students created narratives that followed the life of an immigrant to Australia. During Art classes with Mrs Pilgrim, they have brought those heroes to life through sculpture and collage. This has been a wonderful opportunity for the students to extend their ideas and understanding across subjects within the school.

Our final unit of inquiry is How We Express Ourselves, which will begin when we return from camp.


We are excited to begin Literature Clubs, where we will team up with the Year 5 students to examine literature, language, and context. Our writing will focus on the language features of procedural texts, followed by exploring the use of figurative language in preparation for their graduation reflections. Grammar foci will include plural suffixes.


The term has started with a mathematical bang! The Minimbah Maths Talent Quest was a huge success, with students taking full advantage of the opportunity to share their investigations with our community. Seeing the diverse range of interests and ways of investigating on display was amazing! Through our unit of inquiry, students will study the use of measurement in the design process making connections between length, area, volume, and capacity. As we finish the year, students will work towards an individual understanding of concepts from the year.

Music Workshop

At this time of year, the Year Six students are gathering the skills that they have learnt over the journey and preparing to celebrate the end of primary school at their graduation. It is a treat to see them practicing and working together during their Music Workshop sessions to produce a wonderful sound.

Camp Licola

Students are excited about the 5/6 camp at Licola Wilderness Village. We have begun student preparations in Week 2, ready for our stay in Week 4 (Monday 24 to Friday 28 October).

Other Important Dates


Wednesday 19 - District Cricket for selected students


Monday 21 - Year 6 Water Safety Day

Friday 25 - Minimbah Team Athletics Day AND Year 6 Dinner


Monday 5 - Year 6 Transition Morning @ Senior Campus

Tuesday 6 - Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

Thursday 8 - Year 4-6 Beach Picnic

Friday 9 - Final Assembly and Pool Jump - a rite of passage!

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Year 6 Teachers