Small Kindnesses in the Minimbah Library

Image Credit: M Fatchurofi, The New York Times

Year 6 students have kicked off library with a swag of kindness this year. In our first session, we spent time thinking about how the library is a shared space that belongs to everyone in the school, it’s a place where our community can gather, and with that comes the importance of being kind and respectful to one another.

Drawing inspiration from a poem featured in The New York Times, the Year 6 students spent their first session writing a collaborative poem about small acts of kindness and leaning into what kindness means to them.

As I write this, we are yet to have any other year levels begin their 2023 library journey, but I look forward to sharing many more exciting moments with you through the Messenger in 2023.

Minimbah Librarian

'Kindness' by Year 6 Minimbah Students

Kindness is like watering a plant. When you water a plant, it grows making everything around happier and healthier.

Kindness is Mr Davies saying 'hello'.

Kindness looks like sunset on the ocean after a warm day.

Kindness is when I get to school and have already been blessed with a hug from my best friend.

Kindness is when someone buys you the parts of the race car you lost.

Kindness looks like a baby yellow sunflower.

When it rains and my Mum makes us soup, this is what kindness feels like.

Kindness looks like the colours of a rainbow.

Kindness is when people make you feel like your opinion matters.

Kindness smells like my mum cooking my favourite meal.

Sometimes kindness goes undetected, but it still flutters in your heart.

Kindness is when you drop a pencil, and somebody else picks it up for you.

Kindness is when my Papa comes home and asks how our day went,

When my grandparents remember that assembly is tomorrow and surprise me with a visit, this feels like kindness

Kindness is my brother pausing the TV when I get a drink

It is when the lady next to you at the supermarket lets you go next

Kindness is when you are sad and the teacher asks you 'are you okay?'

Kindness is when the owner gives you a free cookie after you have ordered your food

Or when you drop money, and someone picks it up for you

When I feel worried, my Mum comforts me with kindness

Kindness is the feeling I get when I walk into the Homestead

Kindness is my brother getting me a drink when he goes to the kitchen

It is saying 'thank you' when someone purchases a tray of eggs. It can make my day.

It is showing your feelings to someone and helping them feel safe and included

To me, kindness feels like swimming in a field of daisies

Kindness is my parents always saying goodnight, even when they are tired

It is someone explaining something to you, so you don't mess it up

When people cheer me on in a race, this is kindness

Kindness is when someone tells you that your shoe is undone or passes you a pen you cannot reach

Kindness is letting your friend get the last goal

It is when my Dad adds the perfect amount of milk to my cereal

Or when you unevenly break a biscuit to share, and your friend takes the smaller piece

It is when one of your friends go on holiday with their family and you ask them how their trip was

Kindness is like a pandemic, but in a good way. It starts with one person, and it can become infectious and passed on from person to person.

Kindness is like a growing tree.