Starting a new year in The Hive

The beginning of our year in The Hive has been full of many emotions.

We were excited to start the year and enjoyed getting to know one another during our orientation interviews. Lockers were chosen, and the children began to familiarise themselves with their new learning environment.

Our half days sessions were another source of joy, as families supported their children settling into The Hive. Then with a big leap of faith, families said goodbye, and the children independently spent the session playing and learning with their new friends.

Last week we began our full program, including our first long days in The ECC. Even though the initial excitement had worn off a little for some children, many arrived with happy smiles and enthusiasm. Some children were feeling a bit more hesitant and unsure, which of course, is to be expected. We must remember that this is a big transition for many children and their families, especially in recent years. As educators, we will support the children and their families to ensure a positive and successful transition for all the children in The Hive.

The children have already been sharing how they feel about this new experience. Our morning meetings have been enriched with discussions about our emotions and how we may care for ourselves and each other.

Dorothy:” I feel good because I have been playing with new people.“

Raffi: “I feel good as I like to play.”

Cassi: “I couldn’t find my red panda anywhere. I was worried.”

Iris: “You can feel sad.”

Albert: “You could give someone a cuddle if they are sad.”

Issy: “Get in the green zone to make them happy. I like to give budgie a cuddle to get happy.”

This conversation led to explorations about The Zones of Regulation and how to use them to recognise and support our emotions. This program is a tool that helps children begin to recognise and learn to regulate their emotions by associating them with different colours. For example, someone in the red zone may feel angry or out of control, while someone in the green zone may feel calm and ready to learn. The children explored the visual images of each zone and shared their thoughts about the emotions we all experience at different times. They then enjoyed using the mirrors to see how their faces might look when experiencing different feelings.

Tom: “I feel hurt when I’m Angry.”

Fleur: “I look like that when I’m sad.”

These investigations and learning experiences all link in with our Unit of Inquiry

“Who we are”,

and our central idea:

We are learning about ourselves and others as part of a learning community.

We will continue to investigate and learn about our emotions and how best to acknowledge and support ourselves and our friends throughout the year.

Thank you, everyone, for a positive and joyful start to our year together!

Love Emma, Milly, Heather and The Hive Children