Tasmanian Adventure Camp Reflection

The Tasmania school camp was a fantastic opportunity to explore some unique natural attractions and meet new people.

One of the highlights was visiting MONA - the Museum of Old and New Art - which showcased a diverse collection of stunning art. The exhibits challenged us to think deeply about the hidden meaning behind the work.

Another exciting activity on the camp was kayaking, which allowed us to explore the port and experience the thrill of being submerged in ice-cold water. We learned new skills and gained confidence in our abilities while enjoying the fresh air and stunning scenery. The natural beauty of the waterfall was amazing, and we were able to connect with the environment in a profound way.

Overall, the Tasmanian camp was an unforgettable experience that broadened our horizons and taught us valuable lessons about art, nature, and the world around us. We returned home with a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty of Tasmania and a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving our environment and cultural Heritage.

Year 12