From the Head of Senior Campus

The End of Year is upon us ... again!

Where does time go? I can’t believe we are in Term 4 and heading toward the end of a successful and vibrant year back onsite. As you receive this week’s Messenger, our students are in the midst of Semester 2 assessments, and staff are well and truly in the swing of finalising feedback and grades in their respective learning areas.

Our VCE cohort only have a matter of days left as we prepare to farewell them at their upcoming Valedictory celebration on Friday 18 December at the Frankston Arts Centre. The current Year 10 and 11s are about to embark on exams and ‘O’ Week, where they transition into their 2023 classes. Our Years 7, 8 and 9 students will remain in their 2022 timetabled classes until 9 December with some year level specific programs planned during this time. Their Homestead session on the final day of the term will be dedicated to celebrating a wonderful year.

A selection of photos from the recent Spring Musicale

I would like to congratulate our Year 12s for their hard work, resilience, and ability to care for one another throughout this year. I’m sure you join me in wishing each of our 2022 graduates a happy, healthy, and personally rewarding future. Good luck!

Ella Adam, Kat Baker, Ethan Bam, Noah Barnes, Hunter Barrett, Taj Barrett, Tayla Basso, Milan Becker, Finlay Benallack, Ben Black,Charli Brough, Pia Bruce, Lou Lou Burton, Danny Bush, Milan Castan, James Charlton, Rhett Clark, Eliza Cooney, Tessa Cox, Nyalual Deng, Sebby Doughty, Georgina Doyle, Ryan Drenkhahn, Ruby Duncan, Jacomo Dwyer-Morris, Cara Eades, Angus Fithall, Gigi Footner, Harry Fox, Sam German, Nathan Giliberto, Seb Ginsberg, Nicholas Gordon, Alice Grant, Charlotte Gray, Callum Griss, Momo Guest, Holly Hamson, Lulu Harvey, Lucy Holder, Tealia Holmes, Alexander Hyde, Rose Illman, Mezz Imer, Matthew Jeffries, Summer Johnson, Hannah Jones, Izabel Jones, Milani Khoza, Osel Lakatsang, Callum Lee-Smith, Fi Lynch, Adelie Marshall, Alexandra Mathews, Lachie McComb, Benny McConnell, Lila McDonagh, Niamh McDonald, Zac Moore, Archie Morris, Nick Morrison, Eva Mosele, Haylee Nash, Zac Nelson, Toby Newgreen, Mack Newman, Sage O’Connor, Rupert O’Neill, Lally Penna, Lyla Perkin, Chelsea Poll, Chloe Pollerd, Lucia Puleio, Bridget Richards, Chloe Rosengrave, Nikki Sartori, Pippin Seagren Hughes, Maddie Sheppard, Ryan Smit, Charlie Spicer, Jedd Steele, Morgan Storm, April Strilec, Will Tallon, Esther Taplin, Rex Thorpe, Ilan Umansky, Izzy Van Der Zwaard and Elizabeth Wood-Collins

Last week, I once again had the privilege of being part of a live audience at Senior Campus. The Spring Musicale was a true reflection of the rich talent we have at Woodleigh. Performances, Rock Bands, Orchestras, Ensemble groups and soloists experienced the feeling of performing in front of a jam-packed Hall. The Program was outstanding and a fine example of how Woodleigh students strive for their best. Congratulation to all of our students who performed on the evening and for providing us with such an enjoyable night. I would also like to acknowledge the hours of work that our staff dedicate to the development of students in the music and performing arts space.

This week, I also want to remind students to finish their year ‘in style’. Continue to seize the opportunities that enrich their Woodleigh experience. This involves maintaining a positive attitude and a solid work ethic both in and out of the classroom to maximise the potential that lies beyond Woodleigh. Being organised with the material required for learning. Working hard. Aiming high. It sounds simple, but it takes a lot of energy and effort. At this time of year, students can sometimes find it difficult to prioritise, organise, and find a balance as the pressure builds as they move through the assessment period and toward the end of a big year. Ensure your child has a quiet place to study and get involved with the development of their schedule. They should be planning for all time commitments during the week – this includes part-time work, social media access, sport, and ‘down time’ (even television time). It’s important that students aim to achieve a balance between work and play.

I stumbled over the following passage during the week that I would like to share with you:

10 Tips for Self-Care:

  • Give yourself a treat
  • Take some exercise
  • Eat well
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Find time to relax
  • Be around someone positive
  • Write a journal
  • Breathe slowly
  • Smile
  • Notice the sparkling moments in everyday

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your warm support and connection throughout 2022. I wish you a safe and happy festive season and look forward to seeing you upon our return in 2023.

Take care,

Deputy Principal – Head of Senior School