Unit 6 Activities Reflections

Activity: Clay Pots

The Clay Pots Activity has offered us the opportunity to develop our hand and wheel potting skills.

We learned how to centre the clay on the pottery wheel, that air bubbles lead to explosions in the kiln, and that clay feels good on the hands. We have had the chance to make many items and there have been a few laughs over unbalanced projects with the occasional flying clay!

It has been great to meet and work with new people, especially the student leaders. We would certainly recommend this Activity to others and would love to do it again ourselves.

Activity: Barista & Café Experience

I did the Barista & Café Experience Activity back at the start of Term 3. It was an eye-opener and a great experience. At the start of our Activity, we were told to always “respect the bean”. At first, I didn’t know what he meant by this but after time we started to understand. We need to not see the coffee bean as just a way for us to get some caffeine but instead to understand the process of the bean. We learned that all beans taste different, some have a stronger taste, but some have more of a chocolaty taste with hints of caramel, vanilla, and more. We learned not to rush it, but to take your time and make sure it’s perfect. We learned how to work the espresso machine and how to make great coffee shots. When we became comfortable with making the shots, we then moved to foaming the milk and then practicing latte art.

At the end we went to Home Ground Café in Mornington, and we got to really see how cafes are run and how to be a real barista. Making our own coffee in a real café environment was a great experience. Overall, the Activity was a great way to get into the café industry learning skills that can help us get part-time jobs.

Year 10

Activity: Basketball Academy

The Basketball Academy has been my favourite Activity so far.

It gives people who are passionate about basketball a chance to go to a professional basketball gym and learn skills to dominate on the court. One of my favourite things about this Activity is the 4-on-4 games.

I recommend this Activity to every basketballer out there to give it a go.

Year 7