VCE Term 1 2022 – Update


As part of their assessment, all studies include SACs (School Assessed Coursework) and/or SATs (School Assessed Tasks – only in studies where models or products are produced). Both SACs and SATs are internally set and marked. In addition, all studies have externally set and marked examination(s). SACs are moderated against examination performance to ensure equality across schools. The ‘Achievement of Outcomes’ is used to determine satisfactory completion in all studies; all studies have 4–6 outcomes that must be ‘achieved’ to a ‘minimum standard’. SACs are completed mainly during class time. This means that it is very important for students to be in class both to satisfy outcomes and to complete scheduled SACs.

A calendar of dates for Term 1, including SACs, SATs and examinations, will be published and distributed to all VCE Unit 3 and 4 students during Week 2, Term 1. It will also go up on SEQTA under Documents. The Term 2 calendar will be uploaded after Camp Week.

Students and parents should be aware of the following policies (in particular) in relation to the VCE.

Attendance Policy

VCE students are expected to attend at least 80% of scheduled classes (the only exception to this will be for legitimate, documented reasons, for example, ongoing illness). Students who do not attend enough classes may not be eligible for an ‘S’ rating in the subject involved. The usual method for notifying the school of an absence, that is, ringing Reception on the morning of the absence, is necessary at all year levels. This is especially important if a student will be absent on the day of a scheduled SAC/SAT (see following).

Special Provision Policy

At Units 3 and 4, school-based Special Provision for missed SACs/SATs will be granted only for those students who have a Medical Certificate (or similar official documentation) that covers the class(es) missed. Students should see me as soon as they return to school to make arrangements to complete the SAC/SAT missed.

At Units 1 and 2, students may apply for an extension of time for an assessment task so long as we have official parent notification that covers the class(es) missed. Teaching staff will ensure that students have written advice on important assessment dates and so will be able to satisfy these conditions for Special Provision.

Students should refer to the SAC/SAT Calendar as this calendar will allow all students (and parents) to see exactly when assessment is scheduled to take place and, if necessary, to obtain the necessary medical documents to apply for Special Provision (see above). The calendar will be updated periodically (as needed) and placed on SEQTA under Documents.

Ongoing Special Provision

*If you believe that any medical, physical, emotional or environmental situation has, or will, disadvantage you/your student in the completion of the VCE, please come and speak to me ASAP. It is essential that I be kept up to date on issues – this way, I can ensure that students receive support and are aware of all options regarding Special Provision.

VCAA Special Provision: SEA (Special Examination Arrangements)

*SEA (Special Examination Arrangements) may be granted for students who have Severe Health Impairments, Physical Disabilities or Language/Learning Disorders that may impact on examination performance. Please see me ASAP if you wish to discuss the relevant requirements. These applications are due to VCAA by 1 April. An email was sent to all students who we believed would qualify (at the end of 2021), and I will continue to follow up. Daily reminders are provided to students to assist them with following up these applications.

BRYN BOWEN Acting VCE Coordinator