We love learning! News from Foundation

The first year of Primary school is a critical year of growth and change, and we are so proud of the Foundation 2022 children. They have become confident, capable Primary School students who are well-prepared for the learning journey ahead.

For our final class news this year, I asked the children to reflect on their school year, the things that they have learned and enjoyed, and what they think they will remember when they are older. I hope that you enjoy reading their reflections and take some time to celebrate this year with your child.

Kai- I was very nervous at the start of school because I thought it might be bad, but it turned out to be very good. The best part was doing free drawing, learning, and playing. I will know not to be nervous ever again because school is fun.

Lewis- I will always remember my teachers and their nice voices. I am really proud of my handwriting because I am pretty good at it now.

Connie- I like to learn things at school and I have loved learning about words. I loved being an angel in the Nativity and I will always remember my teachers.

Jack S- I like playing with my friends and Friday Fun in Foundation. I have got really good at reading and walking up to the classroom on my own now. At first, I was nervous but now I feel happy about school.

Harriet- I liked how Mrs Wishart and Georgy taught me fun stuff and how to write words. I had a good year!

Christopher- I love school because I love my teachers and I love playing at lunchtime with my friends. I will always remember learning new games in Foundation.

Sophie- I really liked Art and when we went into the pool in Term 1. It was fun when we got to use our iPads sometimes on a Friday. I loved everything that I learned in Foundation. I feel like I will miss Foundation and my teachers but I can always visit them next year.

Henry- It has been a good year because I loved playing with my friends and doing Read Write Inc. I loved being a King in the Nativity and riding a camel. I was a risk taker because I was a little bit scared at first.

Jack- I have got so much better at drawing pictures. I have loved learning and spending time with my friends.

James- I have loved learning on my iPad during Friday fun and playing Fire Tiggy with my friends. I have got so good at my Speedy Sounds this year.

Arthur- My favourite time in Foundation is when I am playing with my friends. I am getting much better at drawing, reading, and writing my own books.

Eli- I have loved learning new things and I love everything about my school!

Felix- My favourite things at school are my teachers and friends. I love playing with my friends and now I can read.

Olivia- I am proud of myself for looking after my friends this year. I have got really good at the monkey bars since starting Foundation.

Fletcher- I have loved playing with my friends and playing soccer. I am awesome at writing now. I had a good first year at school.

William- I love reading books at school like hide-and-seek books. The best thing about Foundation has been my teachers, I will always remember them.

Wishing you all a safe, relaxing break and we look forward to seeing you across the deck next year!

Kind regards,

Foundation staff