Woodleigh School VCE Results 2021 – Resilient – Talented – Hard-Working

​ After a VCE journey defined by lockdowns, remote learning, and the constant challenges and pivots this has necessitated, I couldn't be more proud of our 2021 Graduates.

95+ ATAR achievers – LtoR: Haydn Flanagan – Head of Senior Homestead, David Baker – Principal, Ben Fewster, Bella Gosling, Alexei Guy-Toogood (held by Bella), Ned Murdoch, Ainsley Paton, Isabel Allen, Jack Shalekoff (held by Izzy), Alyssa Schneider and Nat McLennan – Head of Senior Campus.

This cohort was supposed to have a better year in 2021. Instead, their VCE comprised six lockdown periods, constant flip-flopping from onsite to online, and dealing with the stress, loneliness and difficulties this constant change presented, all while trying to focus on study

The work done by both teachers and students in the past two years has been exceptional, so to be able to share the news that their drive and persistence has been rewarded fills me with pride.

This year's VCE results celebrate the efforts of the Class of 2021. As educators, we see students grow into themselves as they move through the years, gaining confidence and ability. When we farewell them, we know they are taking a wide variety of real-life experiences to draw on in their lives. They leave with so much more than a list of academic achievements; they leave with communication and problem-solving skills, empathy and an understanding that they can impact a situation based on their attitude and contribution.

An ATAR does not tell the whole story of any Woodleigh student. And, given the diverse abilities and aspirations of our students, it is wonderful to see those whose paths require a high ATAR will achieve this, and so much more along the way, at our school.

The Class of 2021 performed brilliantly. Our 2021 Dux is Bella Gosling, who achieved the most impressive ATAR of 99.35. Jack Shalekoff also excelled, achieving an ATAR of 98.3, while Ben Fewster, Alexei Guy-Toogood, Ned Murdoch, Ainsley Paton, Isabel Allen and Alyssa Scheider must also be lauded for their efforts, each achieving outstanding academic results, with ATARs above 95.

Congratulations again to Bella Gosling, who received a perfect study score of 50 in Literature.

I also recognise the work of Alyssa Schneider and Laura Jarvis, who have been shortlisted for the Top Arts at the NGV, VCAA Season of Excellence Exhibition.

In 2021:

  • 12% of Woodleigh students achieved an ATAR of 95 or more.
  • 21% of Woodleigh students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more.
  • 42% of Woodleigh students achieved an ATAR of 80 or more.
  • Our median study score was 32.
  • Our median ATAR was 77.4

Excellence comes in many forms for Woodleigh students, and we applaud the entire cohort for what they have achieved and, most importantly, for the amazing young adults they have become.

I wish all students from the Class of 2021 the very best for next year as they move on to tertiary studies and work, or for some, a well-earned gap year. All the best.