Yarrawonga Golf Camp Reflection

Golf camp is by far one of the best camps I have been on. If you like golf, or are looking for a new hobby, golf camp is the one to choose.

Some of my highlights included playing at Black Bull Golf Course, a beautiful golf course on the edge of the Murray River. There is lovely greenery surrounding the whole course, and the facilities are very modern.

It really surprised me how much my golfing posture and swing have changed in the week at camp. The golfing pointers provided by the pros were really helpful and the slightest tips changed my golf shots so much.

This camp was also very social, where I got to meet other people from different year levels, and it was very inclusive as we played golf and had a trivia night (which my group won). A couple of times we got to go into Yarrawonga town. We got to walk around the shops, and we ate eat out every night, with rib night being the best.

So overall I’d rate this camp pretty highly, it was super chilled and fun.

Year 8