Year 5 and 6 Homestead

The Year 5s and 6s have been getting straight into their respective inquiry units for How the World Works. The Year 6s are looking at structures and the environment. This has included delving into the history of man-made structures up until the present day and the phenomenon of modern-day Megastructures. From huts to huge shopping malls and cruise shipbuilding yards and even rocket manufacturing factories the design ideas and concepts are amazing. With these design and technology concepts in mind, we will be designing and constructing bridges and buildings and thinking about how these structures meet their purpose and how they are influenced by their environment.

The Year 5s Central Idea is How scientific principles and knowledge can be used to understand and solve problems. Students have explored scientific principles such as surface tension, reaction times, and kinetic energy to understand how the world around them works. They have participated in a wide range of experiments investigating real-world problems using the scientific method to record their observations. Learning will culminate in a Science Fair where students will present their findings about their own experiments, and endeavour to prove their hypothesis right or wrong and generate new problems to solve.

Homestead is a collaborative time where staff and students are sharing the learning. Through maths projects, literacy workshops, class meetings, and our community engagement sessions, our time together is creative and productive.

We are all looking forward to the end-of-year celebrations that include the Year 6 Graduation and Perberkoong.