Year 6 2022 – An Amazing, Kind, Inquisitive Bunch!

Whilst the end of the term has not played out quite as we imagined, the first nine weeks of 2022 have been a huge and happy success! What an amazing, kind, inquisitive bunch of Year 6 students we have the pleasure of learning with every day! We manage to fit a lot into a week! The students are exposed to many challenging experiences and have the opportunity to learn in so many different ways that days pass so quickly, and before you know it, it is the end of term! Term 1 is all about getting to know one another and how we learn best. We recognise that certain attributes and concepts can guide our learning, both of the curriculum and ourselves.

Principled Learners and Leaders

Every Year 6 student is a leader at Minimbah. We foster leadership through self-understanding and service. At the beginning of the term, everyone undertook the VIA survey of character strengths, ranking 24 traits from the most prominent to the least. Some students were surprised by their results which led to some pretty funny discussions about the merits of 'gratitude', 'humour' and 'love'. We posed the question; how can I use my personal strengths to be a better leader? Through writing a narrative, the students were able to create a character that explored one or more of their own personal strengths, and the theme of recognising individual traits has continued across the term.

As well as learning about themselves, Year Sixes have demonstrated leadership through many activities and actions...

  • Developing the Homestead agreement
  • Helping and having an enormous amount of fun during Buddy Swimming sessions
  • Running the radio station during Team Swimming Sports
  • Presenting at their Leadership Assembly and assisting the Foundation students at their assembly
  • Contributing during the Project Rockit presentations
  • Supervising lunchtime games
  • Representing Minimbah so well at the District Athletics competition

Our new Unit of Inquiry focuses on the connections between governance, leadership and citizens. Never was leadership more contentious or visible than during the recent Classroom Coup. The Year 6 students were handed the reins for the day. They had specific responsibilities to fulfil, but the organisation of the day was up to them! What a fascinating response that raised many questions such as:

Can we do whatever we want? Who has finished their work? When are the teachers coming back?

This promises to be a rich inquiry and includes our trip to Canberra, so we are very excited for next term.

Risk Takers

Every Year Six student has been a risk-taker this term. Whether it be through learning a new skill in Maths, sharing some work aloud in front of others, or trying a new flavour in the Kitchen Kudos activity, everyone has experienced that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling of nervousness and excitement of taking a risk.

Bravery has been on display throughout the term via:

  • getting to know a new person in the Homestead and then having to paint their portrait through the Anh Do' Brush with Fame' experience
  • participating in the APSMO and Maths Games problem-solving competitions, sitting in that uncomfortable spot of having to think outside the square!
  • trying new arty things as encouraged by David Booth, our artist in residence. David urged us to embrace imperfections in our work and explained that his best art piece is always his next one.
  • auditioning for roles in The Little Mermaid. The enthusiasm around performing was infectious. Students were willing to try out for multiple roles and to really put themselves out there for Mrs Wong and Mrs Fletcher. Now that our show has been cast, bring on the rehearsals in Term 2!


One of the most outstanding attributes of this Year 6 cohort is their caring nature. Not only do they look after each other and us, but their caring attitude extends across the school. We have noticed their considerate ways often through:

  • the beautiful, authentic relationships built between Year 6 students and their Foundation buddies. There have been many times to connect through play, helping with reading and writing, swimming, sports and practising for assembly performances.
  • cementing friendships across the Homestead. Each week we spend time together with the Year 5s and this has created a learning community where everyone is included.
  • understanding and building empathy by exploring the resources from The Resilience Project. The videos and activities have helped us better understand compassion and empathy and look at the impact of peer pressure on ourselves and our relationships.
  • those incidental acts of kindness that fill up our buckets, such as looking after someone if they are upset or hurt.

Please enjoy the photos, snapshots of our term.

Year 6 students are leaders. They are caring, and they take responsible risks. But they are also great communicators and inquirers. They ask great questions and seek out answers. They know how to learn. A massive thank you to Jo Jillett and Gypsy, and to Gabby Williams for their tireless work in supporting the students. Thank you for your support of the students and us throughout the term. We are looking forward to next term, which not only incorporates the Canberra Study Tour but many other experiences too.

Bring it on.

Y6 Teachers