Year 9 Mock Interviews

An integral part of preparing our students for life beyond school is our mock interview program in Year 9. At an age when the real world begins to loom large, rather than build it up, our teachers break it down. Make the task approachable. Meaningful. Purposeful.

Whether they be interested in business, art and design, health, science, trades or hospitality, students are given the opportunity to rehearse, prepare and present to a mock interviewer as though they were applying for a real job. After the process, they receive constructive feedback on what they did well, and what they could work on. When students go out to get that first job, the prospect of having an interview is no longer a big deal; they've been there before. It's life experience gained through gentle exposure in the familiar, safe environment of school.

Mock interviewers are pulled from the wider Woodleigh community: parents, alumni and friends. If you'd be interested in volunteering as a mock interviewer in the future, contact Gina Bolch at Senior Campus.