Visual Arts

At Penbank the children enjoy experiences that encourage creative self-expression, whether it be in a timetabled Art/Craft session or as part of classroom activities in other curriculum areas. The whole curriculum is seen as an opportunity for such creativity.

Specifically, we follow a thematic or unit-orientated approach to planning art activities, which is complemented by ideas gleaned from many additional sources.

Art activities generally fall under these headings:

- Drawing
- Painting
- Textiles/Threads
- Modelling/Clay Building
- Construction/Collage
- Printing

Music and Drama

The Music curriculum is comprehensive and includes aural and visual comprehension of music through the experience of singing, instrumental playing and general music making.

Drama and Music is enjoyed at a whole school level and supported by extra small group activities.

All students in Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to learn a musical instrument. Private tuition is available in violin, piano, guitar, drums, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone and recorder.

Penbank has a strong tradition in Drama and Music and productions are staged accordingly.


The Library Program is designed to assist the student in becoming a confident and competent library user and to promote an enthusiastic attitude to reading and research. The program offers an introduction to the children's literature collection as well as instruction in the basics of library research and usage.

Children are given frequent opportunities to visit the library through timetabled class sessions and lunchtime activities.

LOTE - Indonesian

As participants in a 'global village' it is important to equip our children with language to be effective in communicating and understanding others.

For the enhancement of world economic, social, cultural and environmental activity, with communications technology dominating exchanges, we have the responsibility to our students to develop within them sensitivity to the social conventions of different cultures. We are also responsible for giving them a love of languages and the skills necessary for the production of a foreign language. The language taught at Penbank is Indonesian.