As you drive into Penbank, you are immediately touched by the peacefulness of the surrounds and the space that is available to children for learning and playing. The general environment highlights a value and respect for living things, and is presented in a way that teaches us that we are not the only people in the world, but a small part of a diverse community.

Woodleigh is a school where knowing all students and families is vital. Calling a student by name, and knowing something about each child is important to a humane and caring environment. At Penbank, children are able to flourish, as the small student/teacher ratio greatly enhances the quality of interactions, and therefore the quality of learning.

Woven into the academic curriculum are a broad range of options to develop and strengthen children’s skills and talents. The Spalding Approach to Reading and Writing is the basis for teaching English, due to its comprehensive phonetic, multi-sensory approach. As part of a rural and environmental landscape, delivered through an inquiry-based and integrated curriculum, involvement in the sciences and outdoor programs enable children to learn through investigation and experience.

Importantly, there is opportunity for all children – it’s not just the best who get a go!

As a family-oriented school, parents and teachers work in partnership to nurture and develop the children to be the best they can be. A strong emphasis is placed on relationships, knowing that it is vital to be fair and honest, thus preserving and fostering values in tolerance and respect for oneself and the world. Penbank is a place where children thrive and achieve in all areas of social, physical and intellectual growth. As a campus of Woodleigh, Penbank is proud to provide an education that today’s children need to prepare them for their futures.