Minimbah Campus PFG

The Minimbah Campus PFG run a variety of events throughout the year, both for the Minimbah students and the wider school community.

We support the school in many different ways. Larger contributions are made possible by our fundraising efforts, like purchasing a grand piano for the Music House, a set of iPads and kindles for the school and the fabulous Year 3/4 playground. We also cook sausages at Beach Picnics, provide fruit for the Mini Olympics and help run the second-hand uniform shop. Events like the Minimbah Fair, the Mother’s Day Stall and Father’s Day Breakfasts wouldn’t happen without the contribution of our parents and friends on the PFG. Needless to say, the school is very thankful!

Our objective is to build a sense of community within the school by facilitating school social events and providing support to parents and students in every year level. We have continued to support the school with funding for special purchases which enhance both programs and facilities for our children. We also offered support for a community welfare program students are involved in.

The PFG organise events such as:

The PFG organises the amazing Minimbah Fair every second year.

*We love to tap into the expertise of the school community for Mother’s Day stall ideas. If you have ideas, resources or skills to offer please join our Facebook Group!

Community support

Our PFG team will ensure new families to the school are welcomed and supported in their transition to life at Minimbah and we endeavour to provide all our families with opportunities to get together and connect. We have and will continue to sensitively provide support to families who need a hand in times of challenge. We also celebrate some important life events for families and staff and recognise efforts of staff members who have gone above the call in supporting school programs.

Fundraising purchases

We also enjoy supporting a range of 'wish list' requests made by class and specialist teachers from across the school. In the last few years, the PFG has purchased:

  • Lego Kits - basic, wheels and simple machines for ECC to enjoy.
  • A water play set for Foundation.
  • A digital SLR camera for Year 3 and a set of yoga mats.
  • An indigenous patterned run for Year 5 and a digital display and mount.
  • A 3D printer for Year 6.
  • $1000 worth of costumes for Drama and Dance.
  • A new freezer for storage of PFG stock.
  • $1000 contribution to support the purchase of non-perishable food items and kitchen resources to assist the Wallaroo PS Breakfast Club Program – which our Year 5 and 6 students support.
  • A new rug for the ECC.
  • Upgrade to the Year 3/4 Playground.

We have also put the call out to classes, who have yet to add to the PFG wish list, to add a request or two for our consideration!

All funds raised by the PFG are directly fed back into the school. We would love to hear your ideas on how to spend it!

PFG involvement

It is always fantastic to see new faces supporting PFG events! We certainly appreciate fresh ideas, enthusiasm and involvement from new members.

PFG understands that life as a parent is busy and many of you work and aren’t necessarily able to attend PFG meetings. You can always help out in other ways. We work on the principle that any involvement or help is worthwhile! Please make the effort to get involved in our school community, both you and your children will reap the benefits. You can involve yourself by:

  • Taking time to attend a social catch up arranged by your PFG Year Level Representative, they’re fun and afford you a great opportunity to connect with other parents.
  • Attending a PFG event.
  • Offering your assistance to any of the PFG run events throughout the year (e.g. serving tea and coffee at Grandparents’ Day or cutting up fruit for Mini Olympics).

Working With Children Check for school volunteers

It is a school requirement that all volunteers have a Working with Children Check. If you don't have one and are planning on volunteering, please apply here: Working With Children Check.

Please also refer to more information about Volunteering at Woodleigh, including our Volunteer Management Policy.