​At Senior Campus, a Dress Code operates for students from Years 7-12.

The intention is to encourage the wearing of practical and inexpensive clothing and to help students develop responsibility for choosing and looking after their own clothing. The Dress and Appearance Policy is flexible enough to both allow and encourage individual style and to emphasise neatness and presentability.

Rather than focus on precise details of dress, students are encouraged to make good judgements based on the following principles:

  • A SunSmart approach
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Good repair
  • Decency (e.g., no bare midriffs or visible underwear)
  • Safety
  • Appropriateness for the occasion
  • Appropriate for a school learning environment
  • Regard for community expectations, especially extremes in appearance such as hairstyles and jewellery

Our aim is for students to learn to wear appropriate clothing for various situations. In this way students are making similar decisions about their clothing to when they leave school. Staff will work with students on interpreting these guidelines and will on occasions need to disagree and be insistent. It is expected that students will take responsibility for their school clothing needs and will ensure that they have organised their clothing for the week ahead.

The following should be observed by all students

  • It is strongly recommended that students wear headwear which protects from the sun, especially in Terms 1 and 4.
  • Footwear for Home Economics, Manual Arts and Science practical lessons needs to cover the top of feet, including toes. Students will not be able to participate in the practical components of these lessons if they are wearing inappropriate footwear.
  • For health reasons all students are required to have a change of clothing for PE, sport and sport-based Activities as well as sports shoes. Students need to wear the official Woodleigh Senior Campus sport uniform during these sessions.
  • All items of clothing should be named.

View our updated Dress and Appearance Policy here.

Physical Education and Sport Uniforms

For health reasons all students are required to have a change of clothing for PE. The Woodleigh School Sports polo shirt and gym shorts or girls compression tights are compulsory attire for all students.
Other official garments (teamwear or sports specific) are available for competition use.

Sports and PE Uniform Purchasing

Dear Parents and students of Woodleigh School. We have now moved our online uniform business to Bob Stewart, a third-generation family business, specialising in the supply and retailing of school uniforms.

The full Woodleigh School sports uniform range is available via the Bob Stewart online store, while a range of Sports Uniform items, including polos, shorts, hoodies, track jackets socks and hats are also available from The Bounty Shop in Frankston.

Orders made via the online store will incur a delivery fee of $14.95, to be delivered direct to your door.

Provision will be made for students to be able to try on uniforms at the Woodleigh campuses.

At Senior Campus, students will be able to try on uniform items during Monday lunchtimes in 'Even' weeks at the Gym.

The Bounty Shop can be found at 11 Thompson Street Frankston.

Please note: The sports uniform only applies to Minimbah and Senior Campuses.